UBIQ exists to ensure that brands convey precisely what they mean at the global level, in a way that is culturally correct among local markets throughout the world.


President’s message

Information moves fast. Whether via words, images, or video, controlling your brand’s messaging in the age of instant communications is mission-critical. We understand Japanese brands. Our leadership consists of people who have worked inside major Japanese multinational organizations as well as advertising agencies and branding consultancies. Our team is truly international, a group of experts who understand the unique challenges and needs of Japanese and multinational brands. UBIQ is a true partner, operating as a seamless extension of our clients’ existing information infrastructure. We speak your language. How may we help you?



Michael Hoover
Managing Director

Company Name UBIQ K.K.
Managing Director Michael Hoover
Established June 30, 1997
(name changed to UBIQ on April 2, 2015)
Capital JPY10 million
Address 3-3-1 Hase, Kamakura, Kanagawa