Copy Direction

UBIQ has a writer’s studio comprised of native writers who understand the unique character of Japanese brands. We develop English and Japanese copy for executive speeches, names and slogans, advertisements, video scripts, websites, social media, and news releases.


Brand Articles

UBIQ produced a series of articles for the building solutions business of Mitsubishi Electric, a leader in the field of elevators and escalators, security and operational monitoring systems, HVAC and more. 


Style Guide

UBIQ planned and produced the Website Writing Style Guide for Panasonic, which has a need for consistency in copy development and tone and manner across multiple markets worldwide.


Case Study Articles

UBIQ produces case study articles for LinkedIn’s marketing needs in Japan, in both Japanese and English languages.


Newsroom Articles

UBIQ orchestrated a team of journalists who attended panel discussions and wrote 18 articles in four days for a Panasonic event.

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Integrated Report

UBIQ develops English-language copy and graphic design for major corporations in Japan who need to appeal to overseas stakeholders.


Content Marketing

UBIQ wrote articles and contributed visual elements to articles for Mitsubishi Electric’s Our Stories web channel, where the company highlights its technologies and activities.

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Online Magazine

UBIQ conceptualized, named, launched, and produced content for SPECTRA, a content marketing website for Mitsubishi Heavy Industries.

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Online Articles

UBIQ was commissioned by McCann Erickson to develop articles in both English and Japanese for Yokogawa Electric’s “Co-Innovating Tomorrow” content marketing website.

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